It wasn’t too long ago that veganism was seen as a fad or trend in the general population. The idea of abstaining from the use of animals wasn’t widely popular. Fast forward to the present and the whole conversation has changed. Growing numbers of people have become receptive to eating less meat and are interested in plant-based alternative.

There is growing list of vegans in pop culture as well, from elite athletes like Venus Williams and Kyrie Irving to popular singers like Ellie Goulding and Ariana Grande. Several brands have taken notice to the upward trend with many companies and restaurants offering vegan alternatives.

But with the rising number of vegan options, how can your company create credibility and a positive reputation. Vegan public relations should be considered when it comes to building a rapport with customers.  The experts at Orange Orchard can use the facts and numbers to help your company reach the growing segment of the mainstream interested in vegan products.

Here are three other ways Orange Orchard can help you company or organization:

  • Generate content that increases brand awareness: With years of experience in the vegan industry, our PR experts possess the tools to create content that will make your brand stand out from the pack. We maintain an accurate media list to get your product news in the hands of your target audience.
  • Create social media post to help engage with fans: There is no better promoter than those who use your products. With consistent social media posts and blogs, we help your company stay engaged with those that matter the most – the customer. The more you showcase your expertise, the more your credibility increases (and thus your reputation).
  • Discover awards that help your business: Nothing builds credibility and reputation quiet like an award. When people start associating your name with well-known awards in your industry, they never forget it. Our specialist are experts at researching and finding the best awards that help build your reputation as a leader.

Are you ready to see your brand’s reputation and credibility improve? If so, then partner with the public relations agency that has experience in the vegan world.  Orange Orchard has been ahead of the curve long before being vegan was the thing to do. Call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact Orange Orchard online today.