The United States government’s regulations are finally beginning to catch up with public sentiment, with the Environmental Protection Agency announcing a shift away from animal testing in the coming years.

The move comes at a time when consumers are becoming more aware of the true costs — ethical, economic and environmental — of the products they purchase. Consumers are demanding products from brands that do not use animal testing.

The science is clear: Animal testing just isn’t worth the suffering it causes. The vast majority of products tested on animals are disposable or luxury goods, rather than important medical solutions, but as the potential of in-vitro and other cruelty-free testing methods becomes clear, the justification for any animal testing becomes less defensible by the day.

Cruelty-Free Public Relations Leads People to You

At a time when 79% of Americans support legislation to improve animal welfare, cruelty-free brands stand to gain the share of the market their competition leaves behind. So, what is your business doing to make its cruelty-free efforts known?

Customers want to know that the money they spend goes to a responsible and ethical purpose. If your company has made the choice to go cruelty-free, leveraging that action as part of your cruelty-free public relations strategy can rally people to your cause. And if you’ve always been committed to the cause of animal welfare, now is the best time to bring new people to your brand.

We Can Help

At Orange Orchard, we want to help you spread the word of your efforts, as we all work to end animal suffering across the globe. We can help with your branding, produce content for your website and social media, and help garner media attention to highlight your message and build support for your products. If you want to learn more, feel free to contact us at (865) 977-1973, or online at Orange Orchard.