There’s nothing like a good comeback story.

Everyone knows the tale of the Eastern bluebird, that adorable avian that teetered on the verge of extinction in the late 1970s. But due to the work of foundations like the North American Bluebird Society and a sustained animal welfare public relations campaign, the bluebird is gracing our backyards once again.

But have you heard of Kirtland’s warbler? This bright songbird, native to Michigan, was down to just 201 singing males in 1971. Today, the warbler’s singing male population tops 2,000. However, officials note that the bird is still “conservation reliant,” meaning that without continued protection efforts it could face extinction again.

You read that right. Like so many other endangered species, human efforts are all that stand between Kirtland’s warbler and oblivion. Just as our actions endanger these beautiful animals, our actions can also save them.

Foundations can give conservation efforts the financial backing they need to make real changes to protect animals, and that includes changes in public awareness. Through public relations, foundations can put the plight of the animals they seek to protect at the top of people’s minds, showing not just how they can save the warbler, but why they should save the warbler.

The Case for Sustained Conservation

Pulling endangered species back from the brink isn’t a quick fix. The bluebird required sustained efforts by individuals to not only build bluebird boxes but to monitor those boxes and remove nests built by invasive species.

The warbler is no different. It requires a specific type of tree — the jack pine — for nesting, among other interventions. Animal welfare foundations and wildlife conservation foundations are key to keeping these practices going and for raising public awareness for the type of backyard conservation that saved the bluebird.

Sharing the Music

That last part is key. For people to contribute hard-earned dollars to the cause, or to take action in their homes, yards and neighborhoods, it takes a clearly communicated “why.” At Orange Orchard, our public relations experts are keyed into the “why” of animal welfare and wildlife conservation. And we are pros at communicating that vital element to the people who need to hear it most.

If you are ready to take your animal welfare message to the next level, we’re ready to go there with you. Contact Orange Orchard online today or call us at (865) 977-1973.