Recently, the University of Georgia made waves in the ecotourism world by introducing the Coastal Awareness and Responsible Ecotourism (CARE) certification. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources Coastal Resources Division facilitated the program’s development through an incentive grant. While this certification may be focused on coastal, marine-based tourism, it still marks an important step forward in validating those specializing in ecotourism and moving the industry forward with their work. To ensure your destination is attracting the best of the best to sustainably guide visitors, consider reaching out to an agency that specializes in ecotourism public relations.

“Recruiting” with PR

As a sustainable travel destination, it’s critical that your reputation be upheld and your values exemplified by those serving as representatives to your guests. The good news is that with the right team on your side, you can not only increase awareness of your destination to more potential visitors but to experienced, passionate guides that may even hold certificates like CARE.

Having a partner agency that specializes in ecotourism PR, like Orange Orchard, means that both your destination’s story and news of local employment opportunities can be effectively shared through carefully developed content and proven media outreach tactics.

Here are some ways an ecotourism public relations team can help:

  • Distribute press releases that announce tours, local employment opportunities and more
  • Secure placement in mainstream and travel outlets that share your unique story
  • Create consistent content that offers a deeper dive into your destination
  • Rollout engaging social media campaigns that target expert guides

Don’t underestimate the impact of having the right guides in place for those visiting your planet-friendly destination. Travelers, even those less concerned with being pampered than with minimizing their footprint, will leave reviews. An inexperienced, careless or poorly mannered guide can taint your credibility online and influence others to look elsewhere.

Contact Orange Orchard at (865) 977-1973 today to see if partnering with an experienced ecotourism public relations team can help you attract like-minded guides to give your visitors the best experience possible.