Nonprofits and foundations, whether working to better the lives of humans or animals, drive tirelessly toward their goal. Sometimes, challenges will arise like recruiting enough volunteers for the next big effort. However, one of the most consistent hurdles is securing and maintaining enough funding to be successful.  It requires compelling and consistent messaging that clearly illustrates your mission, targeted communications that deliver it to the right audience, and enough credibility surrounding your organization to give donors confidence that what they give will be used appropriately. In other words, it takes a sound nonprofit public relations strategy to build your base of supporters.

At Orange Orchard, we understand that organizations like yours are adept at taking on a lot on your own. That said, if you’re knee-deep in planning the next big fundraising event to support your cause, executing a good nonprofit public relations campaign can be extremely challenging to add to the mix. Consider partnering with a team aligned with your cause to ease the burden.

Nonprofit Public Relations – Before, During and After

Before: Leading up your big event, have you announced it via a press release? Press releases are not only still valid forms of sharing news, they lend credibility to your organization. They convey the most important news to journalists, and when well-executed by a team experienced in nonprofit public relations, they make it easy to say “yes” to running your story. Sending out media invites to accompany a press release can help entice reporters to join you at the event and capture your team – and supporters – in action.

During: Most organizations think about staffing their event with a photographer. However, have you thought about designating someone on your team to collect two to three quotes from supporters or prominent community figures in attendance? Getting preapproved quotes makes it easier to share how the event went. Speaking of…

After: Depending on the scope of the event, it might warrant a follow-up release to tout the success of your fundraising. Even if you opt for a small brief instead, it’s important to recap your efforts and share with both reporters and your supporters. The nod and “thank you” to your attendees for making it a success will go a long way and show other potential supporters that you care.

Don’t schedule your next event and simply hope passionate supporters will show up. Contact the team at Orange Orchard today, and let’s discuss if a nonprofit public relations strategy is right for you. You can reach us at (865) 977-1973.