As more people receive COVID-19 vaccinations and travel restrictions lift, thoughts of vacations are a high priority for would-be explorers who are ready to come out of quarantine.

With so many choices for these newly-freed travelers, promoting your green travel destination and keeping it on the top of a vacationer’s mind can be better achieved using an established ecotourism public relations agency.

One of the best ways to promote your ecotourism business is to provide potential visitors with enough content and information to get and keep them interested in your location and conservation goals. Here are some tips you can use to reach your target audience and stay on their radar:

Create a travel blog

A daily or weekly blog outlining some of your destination’s features, events or newsworthy happenings is a sure-fire way of grabbing a potential client’s interest while discussing your experiences. But giving advice and offering trip packages will hold it.

Build a community

Green public relations has been assisted by the popularity of social media over the past few years and this includes the ecotourism industry. Creating forums on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to allow your patrons to post their experiences and discuss issues that challenge ecotourism, sustainability and other green initiatives keeps the conversation flowing and creates buzz about your destination.

Share your story

Your website, blog, social media and press releases should give potential visitors an idea about why you do what you do. Showcasing the passion you have for your projects and expressing the value of ecotourism should be centered in all your messaging.

But sometimes merely writing about your green destination spot is not enough. A professional ecotourism public relations agency will help you craft your message, define your target audience and develop plans for reaching that audience.

At Orange Orchard, we’re experienced at conservation promotion and share your desire for a cleaner world. Developing content by maintaining your social media accounts, blog and website plays a huge part in your promotion, but ecotourism PR takes this to a whole new level. We know your audience and how best to communicate with them.

If you’re ready to power up your public relations efforts, call Orange Orchard at 865-977-1973 or contact us on our website.