While plant-based diets are increasing in popularity, the fact is that most Americans don’t fully understand the vegan market.

And that is also true of most public relations agencies.

Becoming a vegan is a huge life choice and the reasons for making that choice can’t be whittled down into one or two talking points.

A good vegan public relations team will know how to celebrate each of those reasons without coming across as too “preachy” or condescending. But finding that PR agency can be hard to do.

Lead by example

Unfortunately, a lot of what passes as public relations in the vegan market tends to rely on a moral-based compass. But, most people know that you can’t shame or guilt people into changing their lifestyles.

However, people can be motivated to change their habits if they read or review inspiring content that presents factual information with flair. The right vegan PR strategy should include writing a variety of blogs, press releases and even guest articles in plant-based publications that feature the motives behind your own move to veganism.

Human-centered PR

It’s no longer enough to simply blast press releases to the masses. Great public relations changes hearts and minds and focuses more on changing society than merely selling the latest product.

This is especially true in vegan PR strategies.

Your plant-based company should not only target vegans and vegetarians, but also omnivores who want to eat more plants and less meat in order to grow. Studies have shown that most people believe factory farming is an issue even if they don’t want to give up meat completely.

Your public relations efforts should expand to include these groups of people and others that are open to plant-based products. You need to expand your market to increase your product’s use.

At Orange Orchard, we understand the vegan market and how organizations like yours can change the world. We are the advocates who can take your word out to the world to create the change you want to see while introducing your products beyond a niche.

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