While 2020 has been a challenge for industries in the U.S. across the board, there is some really good news we can concentrate on as we head into a new year. Green construction, or eco-friendly building, is on the rise as more builders and consumers realize green buildings save energy, reduce building waste and protect the environment.

Green building is a massive movement spurred by consumer demand and programs geared to encourage environmentally friendly building. But how will your business claim its position as a market leader? Rather than try hit-or-miss advertising techniques through print or digital ad blasts, targeted green construction public relations strategies could make a huge difference.

Reaching the Right Audience Through PR

You are so busy building up your green construction business, having to muddle through making decisions about advertisements, email blasts and lists, social media postings and website SEO tactics is more like a chore than ever. Public relations firms who specialize in green construction cam cut through all the clutter for you, because they have deep knowledge of your industry and your target client. They have a team of experts at your disposal who know what it takes to position you as a market leader.

Professional Experience Matters

Not everyone is great at every aspect of public relations, so rather than rely on a staff member who may not be skilled in all the various PR techniques, hiring a green construction PR agency like Orange Orchard, can make a huge difference in your company’s visibility. We’ve spent years perfecting the tactics needed to position your business as an industry leader.

It takes PR expertise and strong media relationships in order to present a business as a market leader, and it’s not easily accomplished. There is a lot of competition in the green construction industry, so if becoming known as a market leader is important to your business, partner with an expert. Learn more about Orange Orchard here, or call us at (865) 977-1973.