In Tasmania, a new bill was introduced to strengthen their animal welfare laws to further protect all animals, including pets, livestock and wildlife.  In California, Governor Gavin Newsom signed several measures to protect animal welfare, including toxicity testing on dogs and cats.

There continues to be positive headlines and action across the globe when it comes to protecting the animals. A team like Orange Orchard PR, can help spread your initiatives through animal welfare public relations and continue the good fight in the headlines.

Connections are important in this process. You need to connect with the audience, we need to connect with the media to help you bridge that connection. It will take an experienced team to do this efficiently and intentionally. With an issue as important as animal welfare, you want to be sure you’re making the right connections.

One way to connect with your audience, is by sharing what’s going. What fundraiser do you have coming up? What animal have you helped release back into the wild? Content is king, and we need it. Your animal welfare public relations team can help you with a social media strategy to share this information to your followers and grow that side of your audience. Additionally, that same information can be seen or shared with the press to garner an opportunity for your cause and brand.

Earned media is another important avenue to continue to spread your initiatives. Earned media coverage doesn’t simply mean the newspaper or the tv station anymore. There’s TikTok journalists, YouTube TV shows, Facebook lives and more. It’s important to partner with a team that understands how to leverage the many outlets and opportunities. Whether it be traditional media, or the new wave of media, earned media is paramount in getting your message across to the right audience.

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