In the content-crazed world we live in, consumers are more aware of the brands that aren’t cruelty-free. Consumers are willing to transition their support to another product and even pay more if that brand practices true cruelty-free initiatives.

Whether you’re a company using animal friendly practices or a company that donates to support animal welfare, cruelty-free initiatives can be proactive PR your brand – as long as you let people know about them.

A PR agency like Orange Orchard who works with brands that champion for a better quality of life for animals can push that brand messaging out for the consumers to see.

There are several ways cruelty-free public relations can generate credibility and highlight your brand. Here are a couple strategies that can tactfully show off your good works:

  • Promoting Practices with Media – With the right media outreach strategy, PR can get coverage for your cruelty-free practices in the right outlets. If a consumer wants to know just what you’re doing, they won’t take your website as the gospel. A consumer will try to verify your practices, and through cruelty-free public relations, those practices will be published in reliable media sources for them to find.
  • Press Releases – If you’re a brand involved in actual animal-friendly practices, or someone simply wanting to support the cause, the right pr will highlight the support through press releases without sounding self-serving. Consumers can see that your company is putting your money where your mouth is. Here’s what we do. Here’s why we donate.

Your practices make up your initiatives; having the right ones can make your brand shine in a positive light. If you want to proactively grow and protect your brand, then you can do so through cruelty-free public relations.

Orange Orchard is experienced in cruelty-free brands and passionate about supporting animal welfare. Please visit us online or call us at (865) 977-1973 to learn more.