With each passing day, cruelty-free brands continue to grow more popular among consumers. Cosmetics and other personal care brands must strive to minimize the impact their products have on animals.

With so many consumers becoming mindful of the environment and animal welfare issues, your company has a chance to set itself apart from competitors. An agency that specializes Cruelty-free public relations can ensure your brand’s message reaches the right target audience and forms a connection with the customer.

Following the Leaping Bunny Program guidelines would be a good start when it comes to your brand being recognized as cruelty-free. The program’s corporate standard of compassion for animals has become a blueprint for cruelty-free products. Following their strict guidelines will allow your brand to use their label.

The Leaping Bunny label shows that your company not only cares about making a profit, but it also cares about the impact their products have on the environment and the animals that inhabit it.

So how can a cruelty-free public relations agency like Orange Orchard help boost your brand’s image?

One of the best ways to attract an audience is keeping your brand in the news. PR has a broad scope that will allow your message to reach those that need to hear it. Nobody wants to hear a negative story about companies that have caused harm to the environment.

PR specialists, like those at Orange Orchard, want to promote your commitment to being cruelty free. This can be done by boosting your visibility through getting your brand message to legitimate news outlets that the consumer trusts.

PR teams have the ability to write emotional, compelling stories that build an authentic connection with the reader that will keep them coming to your brand time and time again. Having your CEO promote your brand’s cruelty-free message will also present the company in a positive light that consumers will remember.

These are just a few ways cruelty-free PR can help your company build brand loyalty with customers. Cruelty-free public relations agencies like Orange Orchard have the tools to grow those messages and get them to the right audience. Please visit us online or call us at (865) 977-1973 to learn more.