Think of the companies you’ve worked with professionally.

Did you choose them on a whim? Or did you research them and interview their leadership to find that you trusted their work and opinion?

If you’re like most people, you continue to build relationships with people you deem credible.

The same is true of how people view your nonprofit organization.

If you’re seen as an expert in your mission, more people will put their faith and trust in you. That results in an increased donation amount and an increase in the number of donors. That’s your nonprofit’s bread and butter.

But getting your expert opinions out to the public can be more difficult than it seems.

That’s why you need a solid nonprofit public relations plan to get your nonprofit’s name and objectives out into the world.

PR Showcases Your Expertise

One of the best ways to build trust in your brand is to offer up your opinion on the events of the day. You can also highlight your leadership by writing articles about a hot topic that affects the individuals or groups your charity supports.

Even if you are likely aware of the most recent events affecting your nonprofit, you might not have the opportunity to express your thoughts in writing. Or it’s possible that you don’t know which journalists might be interested in speaking with you about your ideas.

That’s where an effective PR agency can come into play.

Most reputable PR agencies have professional content writers and knowledgeable media relations experts on staff. These experts can help you craft your message. And, once the message has been drafted, they know what reporters to contact so that your message can be heard. The media is often looking for the right person to interview on the trending topics of the day.

PR Builds Relationships

A PR agency that understands your nonprofit can also help you develop relationships with the audience you want to target. PR helps you build an organic audience that values the service your nonprofit provides.

Whether you’re trying to reach potential donors directly or because your expertise is sought out by the media, PR helps you build mutually beneficial relationships.

At Orange Orchard, we pride ourselves on our ability to write your story and trumpet it to the right audiences.

Our team is not only comprised of the expert writers and media relations professionals you need, we also believe in your cause. Orange Orchard was founded by PR pros who want to live in a kinder, cleaner and healthier world.

So, if you’re ready for a partner who understands your cause and wants to get your message out, call Orange Orchard at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online today.