Your customers are environmentally conscious. Are you?

Shoppers are getting choosier. They know what they want, and they’re willing to spend money to get it. But, in this case, it isn’t a new doodad or a gadget or a pumpkin spice whatever. What they want is to know that your company is taking care of the environment. They want to know that you are as green as they are.

What Consumers Support

Today’s consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever before. They also take corporate values very seriously. As in, if your company isn’t socially responsible, many people won’t do business with it. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is more than a buzzword. It’s now a basic business function.

Speaking of values, Simonetta Lein writes in Forbes that a majority of consumers regard sustainability as an important issue:

…Not only do consumers support corporate activism (86 percent want companies to stand for social issues) but also that 64 percent of them are likely to buy from such companies. According to Nielsen’s 2015 Global Corporate Sustainability Report, 66 percent of consumers would spend more on a product if it came from a sustainable brand. Up to 73 percent of the surveyed millennials had a similar view.

Virtue is More than its Own Reward

Being environmentally conscious is not only green — it can bring in the green, too. Consumers award companies that share their environmental values. So, it’s not that tough of a decision, is it? Do good. Be kind to the environment. If consumers know you support their values, more often than not, they will be good and kind to your business.

Spread the Good Word

If you are supporting the environment, your customers need to know it. Orange Orchard is there to help. Our environmental public relations team will be evangelists for your corporate initiatives to project the environment and help promote your eco-friendly services and products. Contact us online or at 865-977-1973.