Green companies are becoming more prevalent in industries across the board. From cosmetics to construction and everything in between, caring about the environment has increasingly become an important aspect of businesses. Finding ways to stand out from your competition in a saturated market can be challenging. One way to truly make a name for yourself and highlight your business is to establish your green company’s spokesperson as a thought leader in your industry. This can be as easy as depending on green public relations experts to develop a well-thought-out PR strategy that focuses on making that happen.

Green Public Relations

A PR team like Orange Orchard, well-experienced in green public relations and environmental PR, knows what types of events and media will be most beneficial for your spokesperson to grow as a thought leader. From speaking at noteworthy conferences and expos to landing spots on highly rated podcasts, green PR involves implementing proven tactics to find the best media opportunities to showcase not only your commitment to the environment but how your spokesperson can be seen as a trusted expert in your field. Green public relations can also help your brand generate a positive response from clients by regularly posting educational, insightful content to your social media platforms.

Gaining Credibility as a Voice of Your Industry

Your spokesperson can gain credibility from earned media opportunities, garnered through well-thought-out press releases. PR experts use their media connections to pitch speaking engagements to the press, secure bylined articles in industry leading publications, as well as television and podcast appearances, all in a strong effort to promote your spokesperson as someone who can be trusted as a voice of your industry.

Surpassing Your Competitors

Your competition may not have considered the advantages of connecting a thought leader with their clients. By choosing green public relations to establish your company’s spokesperson as a thought leader, you can get ahead of your competitors.

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