If your vegan nonprofit organization is working to get out the message about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, you can reach audiences focused on a lot more than eating meat-free.

From the makeup on our face to the cleaning products we use or even the sneakers on our feet, there are so many opportunities to embrace vegan and cruelty free choices.

A vegan nonprofit public relations partner such as Orange Orchard can help get the word out about your organization and your efforts to promote vegan living to an audience who is interested in supporting you and your mission. And isn’t the goal to have more people making choices that show care and compassion to animals?

And audiences are interested in learning how going vegan and supporting the well-being of animals can fold into many aspects of their lives, and support organizations that promote it.

Shouldn’t their eyes be on yours?

That’s where a vegan nonprofit PR partner can help.

The professionals at Orange Orchard have experience connecting organizations such as yours with media outlets and audiences who want to hear about how they can support your efforts to promote a vegan lifestyle.

Our team of professionals can help you write blogs, highlight your team and volunteers, and share your latest news and accomplishments by writing and distributing press releases.

If you’ve added to your team, or are hosting an event in your community, those are newsworthy events worth sharing with outlets looking for vegan news and content, from publications to podcasts.

We can also help you plan your social media calendar with meaningful and thoughtfully timed posts of your work to encourage engagement and help supporters get a window into the day-to-day of your organization. It helps maintain a connection with those who already know and support you, and you may just find some new supporters among the likes and comments.

Don’t do your work in the background, or make your organization go about the message-sharing efforts alone.

If you’re ready to partner with a PR team that understands and supports your mission, contact Orange Orchard here or give us a call at 865-977-1973.