Can you explain why your geothermal heat pump or green roof designs are the best in the business in the time it takes to ride the elevator from the 15th floor to the lobby?

If you’ve ever been asked to define what you do at a party and struggle to do it before your questioner drifts away to greet other guests, then it’s time to refine your pitch.

Unlike a firefighter or a teacher, your career in the green energy sector is harder to describe since most people don’t automatically know the profession.

An agency specializing in green energy public relations can help you fine-tune your message so you’re never left tongue-tied again.

Public relations is a must for green energy companies that look to separate themselves from their competitors in a market that is seeing a massive influx of new players. As people realize the need to protect the planet, more are becoming interested in what products or services they can use to be kinder to the environment.

For an elevator pitch to work as intended, your message needs to concisely state who you are and what value your product or service adds to both the lives of your potential customers and Mother Earth.

A green energy pr agency like Ripley PR can help you:

Find the right audience

An experienced public relations agency has contacts in both the mainstream media and in the trade publications serving your industry. Sometimes your story is better heard by the environmental reporter instead of the business editor, and sometimes you need to know which reporter is hungry for what you have to offer. Getting your green tech in front of the right person is half the battle, and a seasoned media relations team can help tailor your outreach to each audience.

Tell the right story

If your green technology solves a problem that is in the news, then this is the story you need to tell because of the urgency. Other times, the story is in your innovation. The biggest thing to remember is that your story has to be relatable. Focusing too much on industry jargon for a general news article will drive away consumers while expanding on the product too little might not be right for a trade publication.

Offer the right speaker

A story about a brand-new innovation that will revolutionize how we use solar power to run automobiles is not complete if the designers or creators are not included in the story. Your company may have a designated spokesperson, but, at times, the story should be told by those who developed the revolutionary product or service.

At Orange Orchard, we are passionate about green energy and its impacts on the environment. Our team knows who to contact, what stories to tell and how to tell them. If you want your story told the right way, contact us today or call us at 865-977-1973.