Have you ever heard of a hedgehog house? No? Neither have I, but the structures have been making waves recently.

After it was announced that Aldi would begin selling “igloo hedgehog houses,” some animal rights groups came out saying the little houses could prove harmful to the spiky little creatures. I tell you this story not to encourage anyone to buy or avoid a hedgehog house. Instead, it’s to point out there are indeed hedgehog rescue organizations. I didn’t know that, and maybe that’s what makes a one-of-a-kind animal welfare public relations agency like Orange Orchard so important. You see, our goal is to shine a spotlight on organizations like this, big and small, that are out there fighting for those without a voice.

Our founder and CEO Heather Ripley started Orange Orchard because she knew we could help make a difference. Here’s what she had to say in July 2018:

We want to help all businesses and nonprofits that are trying to make the planet a better place. Globally, we are seeing a shift toward being better stewards of our planet.

We’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing nonprofits and eco-friendly businesses that are working daily to make the world a better place for all creatures — humans, hedgehogs and everything in between.

We want to do our part to protect all animals. They can’t protest cruel treatment. They can’t demand a safer or better environment. They depend on us — you, me and all the organizations out there working to make a difference in their lives.

At Orange Orchard, we want to share your story and put a focus on your cause. The work you do is important, and we want to make sure everyone knows about it. Contact Orange Orchard today and find out how we can help.