The days of sacrificing taste, quality, or budget to be kind to animals are soon becoming a distant memory. Thanks to animal-friendly businesses and organizations, alternative animal-friendly options are more mainstream than ever before. As a result, consumers that are seeking to live a more animal-friendly lifestyle are growing exponentially.

Businesses that adopt animal-friendly practices are not only shifting consumer behavior with their efforts, they are influencing lawmakers as well.

On August 31, 2018, the state of California unanimously voted to ban the sale of beauty products tested on animals. Just weeks later, Los Angeles became the largest city to ban the sale of fur- following San Francisco, Berkley, and West Hollywood. Companies that led by example and demonstrated alternatives to practices that are harmful to animals, have paved the way for these changes in legislature.

The ball is rolling and further change is ahead. As a leading animal-friendly public relations agency, we at Orange Orchard are always thinking about how our clients can continue to spread their good deeds in animal kindness. Commitment to animal-friendly business practices makes you a pioneer for change. By educating the consumer on the “why?” behind your values and alternatives, you are setting the expectation for the industry in their minds.

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