This past decade has shown that consumers aren’t just receptive to vegan and cruelty free products but are in-fact demanding more options all the time. While much of the focus in mainstream media has been on cosmetic lines free from animal testing and the rapid advancement of convincing meat- and dairy-replacement food technologies, cruelty free clothing and even furniture are quickly garnering more attention in the retail space.

Katie Hunt, reporting for CNN, recently spoke of how mycelium – derived from the roots of fungi – is likely to disrupt and reinvigorate the sustainable fashion sector:

Vegan leather, a cruelty-free and environmentally friendly substitute for animal and synthetic leather (essentially made of plastic) has long been the holy grail of sustainable fashion. Now, a viable alternative may be making the jump from the lab to closets, and its source may surprise many: the forest floor.

One common point of confusion is, however, exactly what do the various labels and certifications say about your product anyway? Will the next customer happily purchase or avoid your product because it says cruelty free instead of vegan? Is there a chance being certified through PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies may carry more or less weight than One Voice or Leaping Bunny?

To tell your story consistently, accurately and with clarity, consider partnering with an experienced team like Orange Orchard that deeply understands both cruelty free public relations and your target audiences.

Content is king

Mission statements, biographies, brand visions and more are wonderful and necessary, but in the eyes of the average consumer your story, message and values are simply whatever piece of content they read last.

To ensure that your brand leaves nothing to interpretation, lean on your PR team’s in-house content experts to deliver your key messages consistently across all channels.

  • Press Releases – Issuing regular, official announcements will not only keep your customers and distributors up to date with your news but will serve as a great way to consistently deliver your key messages.
  • Articles – As your cruelty free public relations team performs media outreach, they will secure interviews, offers to contribute bylined articles and more. Each one of these is a valuable opportunity to tell your story to your audiences.
  • Product Placement – Pursuing product placement in lifestyle and consumer magazines is a great way to concisely say that your product is indeed cruelty free, and the mentions keep your brand top of mind for your customers, too.
  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are all great ways to engage with your audience. They can serve as opportunities to answer questions too. Consider bringing your PR team in to help manage your social media; it’s one more way to tighten your messaging.
  • Blogs – Posting consistent blogs on your website help with SEO, but when done correctly they also provide education for your customers and create brand promoters.

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