As we to recover from the pandemic that has plagued — literally — the world, the tourism industry has begun to pick up, as well. For many, this may mean heading to beaches or amusements parks, but for a growing number of travelers, it leads to a sustainable and ecofriendly destination.

According to a Grand View Research report, the ecotourism market was valued at $186 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow 15% from 2022 to 2030 for a couple of different reasons. One is trends of the travel industry itself, including immersive travel and affordable flights. But another big reason is the shift in travelers’ desire to be environmentally friendly:

The growing awareness about the adverse impact of tourism on the environment such as water pollution, soil erosion, and habitat loss has prompted sustainable tourists and government authorities to promote ecotourism and contribute to the growth of the industry.

Travelers are looking for sustainable and environmentally conscious excursions, and an ecotourism public relations agency can help them find yours.

While you may have invested in advertising and paid media opportunities, it’s important to understand the impact earned media can play.

While advertising increases your visibility, there’s an authenticity that comes with earned media opportunities that money just can’t buy. Through articles and interviews, we can help tell your story. Your journey. The importance of your mission. Who or what you’re helping. We can help you reach those tourists that want to make a good choice for their family and this planet.

Those articles and interviews can help control your messaging and build your brand. We want to help put a spotlight on your ecofriendly destination. Call us today at 865-977-1973.