Earned media coverage is a coveted feat by any business owner, particularly those with a strong message. This shows your credibility and promotes an authenticity within your brand, generating trust from your target audience. But let’s say you get that TV interview or published article. Should you just let it come and go, hoping the right people see it, or should you squeeze the most out of it that you can? Leveraging your media coverage is like investing your money without risk. You got the coverage, now make the most out of a good thing!

Consider these suggestions from a vegan public relations agency on how to leverage your media coverage to reach its full potential:

Include it on your website

Consider making a section, either straight from the homepage or under your “About” tab, that shows all of your media coverage. When potential customers are learning about what you do, they can see your credibility at the same time. Two gaps, one bush.

Utilize your social platforms

This is a big one. Before an interview, consider posting a little sneak peek on your story about something exciting coming up. Tell your followers when to tune in and where, and post about the interview afterwards, giving the station and/or journalist credit. This will help you build up a good relationship with the media, as well.

Use your coverage for more coverage

Your first placement is the hardest to obtain. After that, just keep the momentum going! If journalists can see that you’ve already had media coverage, they may be better inclined to offer you more. An experienced PR agency like Orange Orchard knows how to strategically show your relevant coverage to new outlets so they can see your proven track record.

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