The most successful product launches – from the Apple iPad to the Burger King Impossible Whopper – are not happenstance. They all took months of planning and the right formula for execution.

Launching your new vegan or plant-based product will require the same. You can’t rely on last-minute advertising and marketing and hope the public just warms to your product organically. You have to build on your previous successes, develop relationships with influencers and get people talking.

A vegan public relations push is necessary to get the public buzzing like bees to your new product flower even before the launch. Here are some tips to ensure that your launch is successful:

Get influencers on board early.

Companies like Apple and Tesla don’t wait until days before the launch of a new product to begin introducing it. They have influencers on social media and in the traditional press talking about the product months in advance. Even if your contact is minimal, you will have made some relationships in the media and online so that you have contacts when the product does come to market.

Turn your launch into an event.

Don’t just send out a press release and hope it goes viral. You should plan a launch event so that potential customers and the media know this product is important. Even if you are working on a smaller budget, you can still plan an online event or rent a venue in your headquarters’ city and invite local media and celebrities to celebrate with you. Show that your product is worth the effort.

Take pre-orders.

If your company has been around for some time, you likely have fans and fans like being in on the ground floor when new products are released. Send out marketing emails and texts to your customer base and let them know of your launch. Offer them a discount or early shipping to help create a buzz around your product before it’s technically for sale.

The point is that you need to deliberately plan product launches by designing each step. You need to know what information you will be releasing to who and when. You can’t leave it up to chance.

This is where a vegan pr agency can help.

At Orange Orchard, a vegan and plant-based public relations agency, we already have the media relationships and passion for your product. If your company is ready to take your vegan product launch to the next level, then contact Orange Orchard at 865-977-1973 and let our plant-based PR experts develop the perfect launch strategy for your brand.