After years of binging on tourist dollars, small historic cities throughout the U.S. are starting to experience tourism hangovers. Ecotourism companies stand to benefit from a growing backlash against traditional tourism in these areas. It’s the perfect opportunity to begin luring travelers to less-congested destinations through savvy ecotourism public relations.

Mass tourism is starting to lose its luster in places like Asheville, North Carolina, where year-round residents are feeling the crush of crowds and ever-growing hotel capacity, according to a report by Bloomberg:

Some of America’s small historic cities are starting to buckle from a prolonged boom in tourism—and rightly or wrongly, locals are directing some of their anger at hoteliers. Four hours away from Charleston, city leaders in Asheville just passed a moratorium on hotel construction that could last for a year. The Martian landscape around tiny Moab, Utah, has lured so many adventure-seekers that the city temporarily stopped accepting new lodging applications amid concerns hotels were edging out housing and offices.

New Opportunities

This growing dissatisfaction with traditional tourism provides the perfect opportunity to promote ecotourism destinations. Orange Orchard, an experience ecotourism PR agency, can help boost the visibility of your ecotourism business, whether you’re running a travel company or managing an eco-resort.

Ecotourism businesses have a compelling message to share. Properly managed ecotourism destinations provide the natural antidote to increasingly congested and overcrowded tourist draws. With an emphasis on protecting the natural environment and respecting local cultures, ecotourism can avoid the paradox facing mass tourism locations — that their popularity is destroying the qualities that make them great places to visit or live.

Spreading the World

If your travel company or ecotourism brand or travel company wants help getting the word out to travelers who want better tourism experiences, Orange Orchard can help. Our ecotourism public relations experts can put proven strategies and best practices to work on behalf of your business. Contact us online or at (865) 977-1973.