Animal welfare causes are something businesses and organizations are embracing globally, which is great news. The movement towards cruelty-free products is gaining more momentum every year, fueled by consumer demand.

One way to let consumers and the community know about your company’s animal welfare initiatives is through speaking engagements. In the past these were often conducted in-person, at an industry event or convention. Now, as many business events are being conducted online via virtual conferences and meetings, speaking can be accomplished without traveling far or staying at hotels.

But the question is, how do businesses get on the short list for speaking about their animal welfare initiatives at an industry, business or consumer event (online or in person)? It can be a tricky process, and hiring an animal welfare public relations firm, like Orange Orchard, increases your chances at being invited to speak at these events through a variety of tactics:

  1. Positioning your business as the expert in your field. This is easier said than done and takes dedicated PR staff and expert writers to accomplish. Through continued communication with industry leaders and by promoting your causes to the right media, your brand gains visibility with the people who count.
  2. Keeping your business in the news. An animal welfare PR firm is especially effective at making sure its clients are in the news by pitching stories and writing successful press releases about your brand.
  3. Steering your brand to the best speaking engagements. Sometimes you will receive invitations to speak at events that are, to be frank, not worthwhile to pursue. The secret to speaking success is in knowing what speaking opportunities are going to get your point across to the right audiences and with the best return on investment. Orange Orchard’s experts will vet those opportunities for the best fit.

Finding and securing the best speaking opportunities for your animal welfare initiatives is an art, and a PR agency with experience and success in the animal welfare sphere is your best bet. Orange Orchard can help you get the speaking engagements that get your animal welfare message the attention it needs. Learn more about us via the website, or call us at (865) 977-1973 to speak with our experts.