Growing awareness about the cruel processes animals go through to test everything from cosmetics to laundry detergent has driven the demand for more cruelty-free products.

In fact, recent surveys suggest that 70% of people worldwide want to ban testing on animals, period.

So, if your company takes pride in avoiding animal testing, you should be singing this fact from the highest mountain. You should also use your position to challenge your competitors to join you in promoting a cruelty-free future.

Spread Your Message

A cruelty-free public relations plan will help you prepare a compelling message that can connect with customers.

This message can inform consumers of your pledge and teach them how to continue the fight against animal testing throughout your industry.

A PR team experienced in promoting animal-friendly brands can help you develop a campaign that keeps your products in the news. An ongoing campaign should include a combination of content development and a media relations strategy.

Boosting your visibility through the right content pitched to the right media targets helps you develop consumer confidence in your brand. And the more trustworthy you become, the more you can use your platform to promote your cruelty-free message throughout your industry.

Raise Awareness

A solid cruelty-free PR plan will help your message resonate better with your audience. This builds your star power. You can make use of that influence to increase public awareness of the problem of animal testing in your industry.

Bring your message to allies that can help advance animal-free legislation, collaborate with labs to conduct animal-free testing and highlight other ideas that advance your cause.

But in order to meet your long-term goals, you need to enlist the help of a public relations agency that speaks your language. At Orange Orchard, our professionals understand and champion your fight.

We’re not only content creators and media mavens, we’re also animal fans. We know how to help you reach the right consumers. And we know how to help you build a platform to create a cruelty-free future.

So, if you’re ready to learn more about partnering with a team that also wants to live in a kinder world, contact us online or call us at (865) 977-1973. We want to use our experience to help you build that world.