Most grocery trends are about what we’re consuming. One that’s been identified for 2022 is about what people aren’t eating — or eating less of, anyway.

Whole Foods’ annual ranking of the industry’s top 10 trends for the coming year includes reducetarianism at #3, just behind yuzu and one spot ahead of hibiscus. Reducetarians consciously reduce their consumption of animal products without giving them up altogether. Along with flexitarians, semi-vegetarians, vegavores, climatarians and a handful of other new categories of eaters, they’re part of a growing movement that recognizes the devastating impact of industrial agriculture on human health, the lives of farmed animals and the environment.

The different terms represent slightly different approaches and motivations, but the end goal is to support sustainable farming, reduce carbon emissions and make life better for many animals. (When reducetarians do eat meat or dairy, they focus on higher-quality, non-industrial products.)

These groups also represent the deep transformation of American habits that’s happening right now. Across the entire consumer landscape, from electric cars and recycled packaging to cultured meat, milk alternatives and sustainable clothing, we’re choosing products that make a difference.

As great as that is, it can make it hard for brands based on anti-cruelty practices to get noticed in an increasingly loaded market. It’s not enough to simply be anti-cruelty — you have to be better than the cruelty-free competition as well as the mainstream products to which you’re presenting an alternative.

And you have to have a great brand.

At Orange Orchard, we have a team of experts who can help you identify what makes your company different and craft a compelling narrative that connects you with the growing audience for your product. As an experienced animal welfare public relations agency, we share your passion for making products that are cruelty-free, sustainable and safe — for humans and animals.

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