Every industry from media to finance to tech has its thought leaders – people whose name is nearly synonymous with their field.

And, with the right animal welfare public relations strategy, you can build the public’s trust in your advice and credibility, helping you to propel your organization’s brand as the authority in the world of animal protection and advocacy.

Offering your value

Building your equity as an animal welfare expert involves more than simply communicating with others. You have to deliver value to your audience through a variety of outreach. This can include blog posts on your own organization’s website, guest blogs or articles in industry publications, speaking engagements at related events and commenting on hot topics that relate to your industry.

While many thought leaders become brands of their own over the course of time, it’s crucial to develop a synergy between your organization, the industry and your role in it when you first start offering your opinion. This is achieved by developing a message that your organization easily echoes through its own media outreach.

Remaining consistent

It’s not enough to write a blog when you have time or issue a press release that is not relevant. You need to consistently nurture your audience with ongoing blogs, speaking out when an issue you care about is in the news and offering your time to local and national speaking engagements.

While this is generally achieved by posting your own opinions, you should also engage with your audience on a regular basis. Not only does this keep your name fresh on their minds, it also allows you some insight into their thinking.

Creating buzz

Through consistent expert outreach that creates a buzz around the industry, your organization’s products or services and your spokesperson’s persona, you turn mostly outbound conversations into inbound leads. It takes time and consistency but it is one of the best avenues for building a potential customer base that goes beyond mere advertising alone.

Luckily, the experts at Orange Orchard know how to help you become seen as the expert in your field. Our animal welfare PR writers and media outreach coordinators are dedicated to creating a better world and are committed to being better stewards of our planet. We can help you channel your thoughts and opinions so you can differentiate your brand.

This is why we know what works in the animal protection industry and how to advocate for you and your animal welfare organization. True thought leadership takes time to develop. Call Orange Orchard today at (865) 977-1973 to develop your expertise into one of the strongest tools in your PR toolbox.