If COVID-19 has taught the private sector anything, it is that sustainable supply chains matter. The pandemic sent shockwaves through global supply chains, making companies rethink the sustainability and sourcing for their raw materials, components, and products.

In a prescient McKinsey & Company article, “Starting at the source: Sustainability in supply chains,” Anne-Titia Bové and Steven Swartz wrote poor supply chain sustainability impacts the bottom line of companies at any time:

One condition that can slow a company’s growth is poor sustainability performance, as measured in environmental and social impact. To make and sell goods, consumer businesses need affordable, reliable supplies of energy and natural resources, as well as permission from consumers, investors, and regulators to do business. But companies can no longer take those enabling factors for granted. Indeed, scientific consensus, along with pledges by governments and business leaders—including the leaders of some of the largest consumer companies—calls for dramatic improvements in sustainability performance.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, Stakeholders need to be reassured of the safety and resilience of any business’s supply chains. With Orange Orchard as a sustainability public relations partner, this is the best time for your company to promote its green supply-chain management (GSCM) efforts. If your company promotes sustainability efforts, we will make sure that message reaches the right audience. Our experts can offer the specialized PR services to meet your needs. Contact Orange Orchard online to find out more, or call us at (865) 977-1973.