Whether you strongly believe in the health benefits of a vegan-based lifestyle or simply want to promote animal welfare, the art of boosting your vegan products begins with promoting the lifestyle surrounding a plant-based diet.

And this type of promotion takes a solid vegan public relations strategy that not only centers you as the expert in your field but also shows that you are an activist for the lifestyle and an inspiration to the cause.

Some highly effective ways to introduce your plant-based products to the public and improve your standing in the vegan community include:

1. Using your influence on social media.

You know your product and your lifestyle inside and out. Now is the time to sing their praises. Telling your personal story of plant-based living could spark a conversation and elevate you as a thought-leader in the industry.

2. Writing press releases.

Has your company hired new leadership team members? Is there a topic in the news regarding vegan-based living that you have some insight into? Time to fire off a press release to let the public know.

3. Volunteer to speak at an industry conference.

If you have a compelling topic relating to the vegan lifestyle or plant-based products, drop your name in the hat to speak at a related conference. If conversation is more your style, offer to be a thought leader on a discussion panel.

4. Create an educational resource.

Whether it’s a case study about how your products filled a consumer need or an eBook on animal-product-free living, developing informative resources gets your name out to the public. Attaching your brand to an educational tome promotes your expertise.

5. Set up booths at local events.

Whether free or for-profit, setting up a booth to offer vegan faire as an alternative meal can introduce your product to local customers. You can also offer plant-based cooking classes at the local community center. These ideas not only introduce your vegan products to new clients, it also solidifies your commitment to the community.

But the biggest issue with following any of these ideas is also having the time to spend on social media, write the press releases and promote yourself or your brand.

That’s where a plant-based PR expert comes in.

At Orange Orchard, we understand the vegan lifestyle and are committed to promoting a healthier, cleaner and kinder world. We are public relations experts who want to use our experience and knowledge to help your plant-based business grow. If you want an advocate to take your message to the world, call Orange Orchard today at (865) 977-1973 or contact us on our website.