Imagine, you’ve done all the hard work. You’ve put in the hours and developed a brand message that illustrates your dedication to developing cruelty free products. Your business has grown in your local market and amongst other animal enthusiasts, but you still haven’t blown up like you originally thought you would. The problem in this scenario lies in the need to reach a mainstream market. That’s where cruelty free public relations becomes beneficial.

PR agencies, like Orange Orchard, understand the importance of your message and the necessity to reach the mainstream audience. Those individuals who are not seeking cruelty free products or understand their importance can be the difference between your organization growing at an exponential rate or staying in its comfort zone. There is importance in making your brand visible across broad audiences.

For example, Silk is widely known by both the common consumer and their cruelty free counterparts as a brand nestled in the vegan and cruelty free industry. This stems from Silk being able to spread its brand message across multiple audiences. It has helped the plant-based milk giant grow and establish a place among other milk giants like Mayfield and Borden.

Our experts at Orange Orchard can help your cruelty free brand increase its visibility in mainstream markets, too, by using proven strategies. Our professionals can assist your company by creating content that spreads your message and pitching it to trusted media outlets. Media outreach is one of the best ways to increase visibility. Consumers trust respected journalists and will pay closer attention to brands mentioned in the mainstream media.

In addition to media outreach, our experts can also help optimize your social media platforms to better display your brand’s message. Social media is one of the best tools a company can possess, but it is often underutilized. Our experts can create social media calendars that keep your audience engaged while also distributing content that helps spread the word about your cruelty free company.

If you are ready to take your cruelty free brand to the next level and increase your visibility, give our experts a call at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.