I believe we should never stop learning, no matter our age. I’ve been fortunate as a team member at Orange Orchard to be able to expand my horizons in a number of ways. For example, I’m more conscious of the eco-friendliness of the products I use or how my actions can affect the environment.

Learning something new

I’ve also been lucky enough to work with companies and organizations that are making a global impact and learn more about their industries. Take these green construction trends, for example. It’s absolutely fascinating to discover how companies are changing the construction sector and why. Our team specializes in green construction public relations, so we get a front-row seat as our own clients unveil innovative solutions to today’s problems.

Let us tell your story

If you think we’re excited to witness green solutions, you should know we like telling the world about them even more:

  • We speak your language: We pride ourselves on being well-versed in the industry. From hot topics to trends, we stay abreast of the information our clients need to know. We also build and maintain strong relations with industry media. This allows us to share our clients’ good news, as well as secure interviews.
  • We also create great content: Staying on top of trending issues, innovations and pressing needs of the industry allows our team to craft topical content that will be attention-grabbing, educational and well-written.
  • We can help you celebrate your wins: These days, everyone should be active on Instagram, LinkedIn and the like. Our content team is also quite savvy when it comes to social media. An active social media presence not only helps you share your accomplishments, but it can also help with recruiting efforts, which is especially helpful these days.

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