More than ever before, people are taking a hard look at the businesses whose products and services they buy. Many activist consumers factor in more than just price and quality when making their buying decisions. This is creating deeper relationships with brands that go beyond superficial factors.

As customers look beyond a company’s products and examine the practices of the business, it creates opportunities for brands to strengthen loyalty by enacting sustainability measures. Businesses with eco-friendly practices are going to find themselves with a more loyal customer base than one that uses price, for instance, as its main selling point.

That’s because people develop an intimacy with those companies. People are concerned about the environment, and it creates a feeling in the consumer that the company aligns with their beliefs, passions and values. If you’ve ever heard someone say “This company ‘gets’ me,” you’ll know what I’m talking about.

That kind of relationship is deeper than one predicated on “I bought it because it was on sale.” In fact, it’s thinking of it like a dating relationship isn’t a bad idea. It’s easier to break up with someone who disagrees with your core values than someone who aligns with those values. You’re more apt to overlook their flaws or give them another chance. Maybe your product is more expensive than the competition. A consumer might be willing to overlook that if your company is committed to preserving the environment.

That’s where environmental public relations comes in.

People are going to align themselves with those who share their belief system about topics important to them. Appealing to a customer’s passion for the environment and sustainability is going to endear them to a business and create a true sense of loyalty. In the minds of the consumer, the eco-friendly business is playing on their team. And just like a lifelong fan doesn’t change allegiances willy-nilly, neither will a customer who has that brand loyalty.

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