COVID-19 is changing everything, including the ecotourism industry. Those brands and locations that embrace innovation and think beyond the “normal” are those which will be best position to thrive in the future.

For instance, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), through its Beyond Tourism Challenge, is seeking “to stimulate reimagining the sector post-COVID, while embracing digital transformation.” The initiative has funded innovative programs in countries from Panama to the Dominican Republic.

But innovation benefits no one if they are unaware of the new opportunities or services exist. That’s why companies in the industry need an ecotourism public relations like Orange Orchard to keep them and their innovative offerings in the public eye.

The experts at Orange Orchard hold the same eco-friendly values as you do with deep experience in support green and sustainability-oriented businesses. In the years ahead, as the world continues to change post-COVID, we can help your ecotourism brand plot its course through a challenging marketplace.

If you’re ready, our experienced ecotourism PR experts will develop creative communications strategies to boost your visibility, promoting the innovative services your company is providing to travel interested in the ecotourism experience. Contact Orange Orchard online or at (865) 977-1973.