Are you searching for ways to introduce your business to a larger audience? Green public relations could be the solution you need to branch out with far reaching media opportunities, speaking engagements and an extensive online presence with a focus on how your brand provides solutions for consumers interested in environmentally friendly business options. Using proven environmental PR tactics from an experienced green PR team like Orange Orchard can enhance your brand awareness by effectively reaching your target audience in a number of ways, including securing articles, interviews and event appearances that highlight the role of your business in the environmental space.

Why Green PR?

Experienced green public relations agencies have established media relationships with journalists who are familiar with green stories. An environmental savvy PR team can pitch the best angles of your story to publications, television, radio and podcasts. Green public relations pros also know the value of showcasing a company’s commitment to the environment, especially as improving the environment can be seen as a global effort that benefits everyone.

Use Your Resources

From securing byline articles in trade magazines to scheduling appearances at industry leading conferences and expos, your green PR team can create opportunities for you to tell your story and gain trust with your audience. Well-scheduled television appearances and podcast interviews can reach large audiences locally, nationally and worldwide. Staying up to date on your social media platforms and blogs by regularly posting insightful content also keeps your clients engaged with your brand and gives them more reason to trust your company as an environmentally friendly business.

Earned Media

A well-thought-out PR plan can garner earned media, which helps you gain credibility, build trust with your clients and position your business as a leader in your industry. Earned media tends to resonate more with clients because it doesn’t appear self-serving like paid media can. With earned media, your company’s reach can extend globally to not only those with the same values but others you can influence to make environmental changes.

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