Saving animals makes for good press, and we can capitalize on it

Partnerships are crucial for success, especially in the nonprofit world.

Orange Orchard can find you those partners for your animal welfare organization, as well as for animal-friendly businesses that want to promote cruelty-free products or devotion to animal welfare. We can also make sure good deeds get recognized in the media, building even more momentum down whatever route you are pursuing to spread a message of solidarity with our furry, scaly or feathered friends.

Here are a few tools we can use to generate publicity for your animal-welfare campaigns or to increase your animal-friendly cred if you are a private business.

  1. Volunteer to help. Private businesses can get lots of social and traditional media traction by volunteering at an animal shelter, especially if a CEO or other high-ranking executive participates. We can help set up the volunteer sessions, broadcast your efforts on social media and alert the media to great photo opportunities.
  2. Recruit volunteers. On the other side of the coin, if you run a wildlife sanctuary or rehabilitation center, we can help you identify possible sources of volunteers from area businesses or civic groups. Again, we can alert the news media and boost your social media to highlight the help and cement the partnership.
  3. Bring your pups to work. Everybody loves animals (or at least they say they do), so let us arrange a photo shoot with a professional or news photographer to document the doggos.
  4. Science doesn’t blind us. If your nonprofit or company is involved with the protection of wild animals, we can document and communicate your efforts, for example, to improve wildlife habitat. This could be complex in scope, such as prescribed burning to improve habitat, or as simple as a litter cleanup along lakes and creek beds. Our content team has years of reporting on natural resource management, so we can write cleanly and competently to communicate your message to media or stakeholders no matter how complicated the subject matter may be.

Good on you and your efforts to make the world kind to animals of all types. We want to get you the commendation and attention those efforts deserve. Contact Orange Orchard today for more information on ways we can communicate your animal-friendly message.