Consumers have been consistently choosing cruelty-free companies for their food and fashion for quite some time now, but the cruelty-free movement doesn’t have to stop there. Everything from cosmetics to cleaning supplies has a lasting impact on our world, and people are starting to take notice. With the use of social media, consumers have more and more access to behind-the-scenes footage of factory farms and animal testing labs. The latest consumer trends are beginning to reflect that. So, what does that mean for your business? No matter your industry, now is the best time to become an animal-friendly company. If you want to be cruelty free, follow these quick and simple tips.

Focus on quality, not quantity

The demand for animal-friendly products may be high, but don’t lose sight of your values. If you want to add to the cruelty free lifestyle, focus on quality ingredients and products. Be transparent about what’s in your product. Brands like LUSH have made an effort to inform their audiences about what goes into their products and what to look out for as they shop for other products. When your company makes a brand promise to be cruelty free, you set yourself apart from the competition and make it easier for buyers to choose your product first.

Be ethical in all aspects of your business

Ethical practices are important to consumers in the buying process and animal-friendly products have become increasingly more popular. When it comes to your day-to-day business operations, make sure you partner with like-minded individuals. Outsourcing to other cruelty-free businesses will create an ethical community that you and your consumers can feel proud to support. With experts in vegan public relations on your side, you can become a leader in your industry.

Earn consumer trust

Companies like Mrs. Meyer’s have developed a program that focuses on highlighting their no-animal-testing policies. At Orange Orchard, we can help you kickstart a similar campaign by developing interviews for case studies, writing bylined articles, and securing speaking engagements. Your brand is powerful. The right PR agency can make sure your voice is heard and becomes a trusted source in the cruelty-free market.

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