A recent study revealed that 72% of travelers believe sustainable travel choices are important for preserving the planet for future generations. Travelers are searching for responsible ecotourism companies to guide them to their perfect getaway. The tourism industry, in general, relies heavily on public relations to communicate with their audiences, promote attractions and attract visitors. Ecotourism is a form of business, and like any business it needs to reach out to its specific audience. Your company can accomplish this by choosing the right team with direct experience in ecotourism public relations.

The main purpose of public relations is to build positive relationships that will generate interest in ecotourism-related businesses. Many tourist attractions rely heavily on word-of-mouth advertising, which is created through effective public relations campaigns and marketing strategies. PR helps to build, manage and sustain the image of destinations in the ecotourism industry.

PR is all about perception and the perception of a destination by a potential visitor is crucial in the ecotourism business. Effective PR strategies can help your company accomplish the following:

  • Create a positive image for the ecotourism industry
  • Boost awareness of a destination’s unique qualities
  • Establish your ecotourism company as the expert
  • Provide consistent messaging across multiple platforms
  • Build lasting relationships with customers and the media

Public relations is key for the success of an ecotourism business because it creates awareness of a specific destination, attraction or event. This form of communication allows the ecotourism industry to raise its profile in target market areas. To learn more about the value in partnering with an ecotourism public relations team contact us at Orange Orchard today at (865) 977-1973 .