This year has seen people across the world grapple with a not only a major pandemic but additional challenges like hurricanes, wildfires and floods. Add to that news coverage of global climate change, pollution and habitat loss, and you have a very concerned public.

On the positive side, many more brands are realizing they need to address these issues, and are coming up with better and more sustainable products and services. The down side to that is with so many new and existing brands promoting their environmentally sensitive or sustainable products, how does any business get its message out to the people who need and want to hear it?

Many businesses will try to out-advertise each other, plastering their brand name and product on as many advertising platforms as possible, but studies show that’s not very effective. Brands who want to reach the right audiences, with messaging that resonates with green and globally-conscious consumers should consider partnering with an experienced environmental public relations agency like Orange Orchard.

Environmental and sustainable PR gets your brand the right attention through:

  • Crafting press releases that grab attention for your cause or product. We know how to deliver a press release that piques the curiosity of the media. Reporters can get jaded by the huge amount of email they get. So we know how to write in a way that inspires reporters and news media to call us for the full story.
  • Developing your brand as the expert in its niche. Environmental and sustainable brands are everywhere, but the trick is to stand out from the crowded marketplace. PR experts in this field advocate your brand as the expert, obtaining interviews, bylines, and speaking engagements to position your brand as the authority, above the others.
  • Boosting your social media impact through the right platforms. Your environmental brand appeals to particular consumers, and blasting posts to everyone isn’t the best way to get qualified and motivated brand influencers. It takes concentrated market study and analysis, marketing savvy and social media know-how to create an effective social media campaign that appeals to environmentally-conscious consumers.

The main thing consumers who are looking for an environmentally and sustainable brand to support, is transparency and honesty. Orange Orchard, an environmental PR agency, partners with brands that are creditable and willing to go the extra mile to create products or provide services that are earth-friendly. If you want to learn more about our agency visit the website or call us at (865) 977-1973.