Making a commitment to sustainability is an essential step for any brand in 2019. More and more consumers expect social and environmental responsibility to be a priority for the companies they spend their money with, and that trend will continue as the spending power of Generation Z increases.

But being a truly earth-friendly business means more than just using organic cotton in your products. In a culture of authentic stewardship, decisions that have a positive impact mean more than the bottom line, and the lasting connection a company makes with its community is a key part of its value.

A deeper commitment

Here are three steps that will help any brand get started developing a deeper, truly sustainable and environmentally conscious company culture.

  • Plant trees: Put them near the office, if the company owns the property and there’s room. Donate trees to a local park or planting program, or support international programs that plant trees in areas that suffer deforestation, soil erosion or extreme air pollution.
  • Go zero-waste: Expand the company recycling program. Replace throwaway plates and cups in the breakroom with reusable dishes. Invest in energy-saving smart lights. Buy longer-lasting office supplies. And remember to include employees in this process – they may have ideas of their own.
  • Encourage exceptional habits: Give employees incentives for taking extra steps like carpooling, riding a bike to work, or participating in plant-based initiatives like Meatless Monday or Veganuary. Gift cards, extra time off and environmentally friendly swag like reusable water bottles, Fair Trade coffee and canvas grocery bags are great motivators.
  • Join forces. The impact of your decisions doesn’t stop at the front door of the office. Make sure that your partners share your vision and values.

Spread the word

Once a company has committed itself to making a difference, there’s one more step. Environmental public relations can be a critical element for a brand determined to be a green business leader.

Many business leaders feel awkward about publicizing their good deeds. Announcing a charitable donation or educational event might make them worry that people will think the publicity is the only reason they’re doing it.

But it’s important for brands to let the world know they’re doing the right thing. It’s good marketing these days, for one thing. It’s also an important part of an overall commitment to improving the world. The message that the environment matters has enormous potential to educate, engage and inspire.

At Orange Orchard, we’re making the world a better place by sharing the stories of brands that are doing right by the world. If your brand has made a conscious commitment to positive change, it’s time to let your customers know – contact Orange Orchard online or call (865) 977-1973.