With each trip to the grocery store, it seems that more attention is being drawn to environmentally-sensitive and planet-friendly food. 20 years ago, organic food sales accounted for only $3.4 billion. In 2014, sales eclipsed $35 billion and then reached $45.2 billion just three years later in 2017 with no signs of halting the increase in market-share.

From organic to fair trade and from sustainable to clean food, consumers are spending more time educating themselves prior to making decisions about what food to purchase and as a result what producers to financially support. For food producers, this can serve as either a wonderful sign of prosperity ahead due to previous commitments to both the environment and the farmers responsible for their products or as a major wake up call for those still fighting the changing tide.

However, if you’re a food producer not widely known for your environmentally-sensitive products or green food, it doesn’t have to be a 3-alarm fire. Taken as a positive challenge to change for the better, adapting to this evolution in discretionary buying could pave for way for your company – version 2.0.

It all has to start with a conscious and genuine effort to change, of course. Once the challenge is accepted, however, your campaign needs to be fine-tuned and your efforts should be made publicly known. A public relations agency specializing in environmentally-sensitive subjects, such as Orange Orchard, can help articulate your efforts to change into a campaign that will provide top-of-mind awareness for your new and improved brand.

By helping coordinate new branding, developing press releases to announce your improvements to your target audiences and managing dynamic and engaging social media campaigns, the right public relations agency can help ease the transition and make your already admirable changes even more rewarding with coverage and attention that matters.

To find out more about how a specialized public relations agency can help you create awareness for your green and clean food products, please contact Orange Orchard today.