Supporters can be very particular and selective of which animal welfare organizations they support. As an organization, it’s important to keep supporters in the loop and on the same page, and it’s vital to make sure they feel valued and can see their donations put to good use. In animal welfare public relations, one of the most successful way to keep supporters in the loop is through e-blasts. The term “e-blast” often gets automatically put into the spam category, but when executed properly and effectively, e-blasts can actually be a great way to keep supporters updated and informed.

Here are 3 keys to effective e-blasts:

  1. Proper Content

The fastest way for an e-blast to get dumped into the spam folder is by having over-promotional and unrelated content. By pushing out content relative to the supporters, your organization can be sure that supporters are engaging with and enjoying the e-blast content.

  1. Appropriate Timing

The fastest way to get a supporter to unsubscribe from e-blasts is by overdoing it. By limiting e-blasts to one per week, you allow the e-blasts to carry more valuable information at a specified time instead of cramming unrelated news and info into an over-published e-blast.

  1. Engagement Opportunities

Supporters thrive in an environment where they feel involved, and an e-blast is a great way to do that. By placing a poll, supporter profile, or posing a question, you open the door for engagement and you give the reader a reason to open the next e-blast.

E-blasts are tricky and can prove detrimental to an organization’s reputation if not done right. Luckily, there are experts out there who are e-blast pros, like the ones at Orange Orchard. If you’re ready to take charge of the opportunities e-blasts present, give our team a call at (865) 977-1973 or visit our website.