Just as when selecting other products and services, choosing the right vegan public relations representation ahead of a big company update can prove to be a daunting choice.

It’s important to focus on a few key things when deciding who to trust with your plant-based public relations strategy. You can find a few considerations that we’ve identified below:

The agency knows your industry

Working with an agency who has a proven record of working with similar companies or announcements is a great place to start. It can take time for agencies to build trust with your target audience and media outlets and by working with an agency who has already established the key relationships, you may see more pickup, increased amounts of interview opportunities and overall better results.

Select an agency that is positively reviewed

Though it may be second nature, don’t sleep on a quick reference of Google and other sources of company reviews. A positively reviewed agency is likely to provide a better experience for you and your team. Reviews can serve as a window into how you can expect to be treated when you decide on who to work with.

Ensure their goals and personalities line up with yours

PR is a journey; working with a partner who will challenge you and provide insightful ideas and strategy is key when trying to make a big splash with an announcement or proactive outreach.

By ensuring that you work with a seasoned PR agency such as Orange Orchard, you can rest assured that your PR representation will be more than just a vendor. Working with pros that understand your industry, are highly revered and synergizes well with your company vision is a great place to start when narrowing down the list of candidates.

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