Adopting veganism as a lifestyle choice has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and one of the largest attributors to this is the heavy influence of social media.

From celebrity testimonials to Tik Tok chefs creating delicious ways to air fry cauliflower, social media has made being plant-based a trend that approximately 3.8 billion people are exposed to on a regular basis.

With so many jumping on this trend, how do you leverage social media to grow your plant-based brand?

Thought leadership

Where there’s a trend, there are influencers, also known as thought leaders. Jumping on a trend as a thought leader helps to place your brand top-of-mind as your audience’s source of education, entertainment, you name it, pertaining to this trend.

Lead generation

Simply putting your website link in your bio can help generate leads. Sharing blogs and other content from your website on social platforms can drive traffic significantly. Ensuring your content is unique and professionally written will make a considerable difference in lead generation, as well.


You don’t want to seem like any other business; you want your brand to be personable with its own personality. Relating to your audience through social media trends, interaction and consistency makes you more personable, stimulating response from your audience.

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