Rumors can spread, false accusations can be made, and you can’t make everyone happy. While it’s good to plan for the worst, not everything can be avoided. This is why it’s important to have a PR crisis plan in place and have a clear understanding of what not to do in these situations.

Here are three things to avoid when managing a crisis for your vegan brand:

Ignoring the situation

Just as a cracked windshield doesn’t shrink when left unsealed, but often spreads, a crisis situation doesn’t disappear, but can worsen, if you ignore it. A vegan public relations agency like Orange Orchard will help guide you in knowing the appropriate actions that should be taken, depending on the crisis.

Using cover-ups

If you’re covering up a crisis, you may as well be using plastic wrap. Your audience will see right through it, so be transparent from the start. Forgiveness and understanding is much more easily obtained when you’re upfront about the situation and accept responsibility. Being transparent not only helps to clarify a crisis situation, but it helps to build, or rebuild, trust with your customers.

Responding too quickly

Don’t get us wrong, responding to a crisis situation in a timely manner is important, but it is possible to respond too quickly. When emotions and adrenaline are running high, the calmest person can’t always predict how they’re going to react in a crisis situation, particularly if they’re on camera. Take a minute to breathe so you can assess the situation with clarity before responding.

Your PR agency will work with you to develop a crisis plan to ensure you’re as prepared as possible when, not if, a crisis situation occurs. Want to get started on your crisis plan? Give us a call at (865) 977-1973 or visit Orange Orchard online.