Tourism is no longer just about where people want to go on vacation. Great ecotourism PR has to be based on the why and the how.

People still want to hit the road or hop a plane to a faraway place, but many consumers are concerned about the way their travel impacts the places they’re visiting and how it affects our living planet Earth. And they’re savvy. Potential guests are doing their research and making sure their travel is as sustainable as possible.

As the impacts of irresponsible ecotourism gain more publicity, tourists are asking the tough questions. As Chandra Bhushan wrote in Condé Nast Traveller:

When we look at the impacts of tourism more locally, the problems of pollution, resource depletion and degradation stand out. Although a number of tourist hotspots have managed to keep them checked, there is an equally large number of places troubled with these environmental issues due to the high influx of holidaymakers.

How you answer the tough questions can make or break your destination, and ecotourism public relations can help. Here are five things your guests need to know before they’ll visit you.

1) Is this vacation sustainable?

Your guests want to know what you’re doing to protect the environment, so tell them. Are you recycling? Treading lightly on natural resources? Sourcing food locally?

2) Does this vacation harm wildlife?

Many ecotourism destinations use local plants and animals as a draw. But does human presence harm these organisms? What is your destination doing to minimize that harm?

3) Does this vacation exploit locals?

Are you paying fair wages to local employees? Are you sourcing food and materials responsibly? Is your destination a respected member of the local business community? These questions need to be answered.

4) Is this destination safe?

When you’re taking people out of their comfort zone and into nature, they need to know that they’re safe. What measures do you put in place to make sure everyone goes home in one piece?

5) Am I making a positive difference by staying here?

For many people, no impact isn’t enough. They need to know that their stay will be beneficial to the community and natural environment they’re visiting. What is your destination doing to make things better?

It’s vital to your business to answer these questions proactively through your website copy, your social media, earned media appearances and more. Let the world know what you’re doing, and be honest about what you could do better. Our ecotourism public relations experts at Orange Orchard can help you craft this message, drawing guests to you and letting them travel without fear of doing harm. For more information, call (865)977-1973 or contact Orange Orchard online today.