We all deserve a vacation every now and then, but the way we impact our destinations can be a concern. For today’s traveler, it’s not just about the CO2 in jet exhaust or how tourist overcrowding is ruining natural habitats. For ecotourists and vegans alike, culinary tourism can be difficult. However, ecotourism public relations is connecting plant-based travelers with ecotourism groups that provide memorable, low-impact food experiences around the world.

Ecotourism is Providing Authentic Getaways for Conscious Travelers

Today’s tourists are seeking out low-impact travel that helps local communities develop sustainably and strengthens the traveler’s ties to nature. Whether that involves swapping a plane for a sailboat or engaging in volunteer work and conservation efforts, care for the planet and its inhabitants is the top priority for many of these travelers.

Younger travelers are also looking for more authentic experiences, and stronger connections to the places they visit. From Forbes:

Millennials are wildly different from older generations, and have different expectations for brands. Their demand for memorable moments and activities over material goods has created what many call the experience economy. Travel, the ultimate experience, has continued growth as a result. But as more Millennials travel, the more the travel industry needs to change to meet them.

For many travelers, including ecotourists, food is central to an authentic experience, especially when spending time abroad. This has led a few enterprising companies to adapt traditional culinary tourism models with an environmentally-conscious slant. AirBNB’s new vegan, vegetarian and sustainable food experiences have been widely publicized, leading to greater awareness of plant-based culinary tourism.

Making the Destination a Vegan Journey

AirBNB isn’t the only company doing this, and definitely not the only one catering to vegan audiences. They are, however, the most visible. What’s the secret to getting the same kind of visibility for your ecotourism company? A skilled ecotourism PR team that’s invested in your goal, no matter where you’re heading.

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