It seems obvious, right? The notion that animal welfare public relations would be good for your… wait for it… animal welfare foundation. Still, you would be surprised at just how many companies decide to partner with a PR company that is just down the block – if they partner with one at all – rather than looking for one that aligns with their specific vision and values.

But if you want to reach your desired demographic and take your word to the world, then it is essential to partner with an animal welfare public relations team that shares your ideals. That way, you can rest comfortably knowing the PR group you’ve chosen is one that understands the main objective: showing compassion to all animals and, in the process, doing our best to improve the lives of those who are hurting.

At Orange Orchard, we’re proud to offer a vast array of experience in animal welfare public relations.

That doesn’t just mean we care about helping animals, either (although we very much do). It also means we’ve witnessed the struggles that can come from working in a non-profit environment, and the pitfalls that companies often encounter when attempting to find resources that will aid their work.

Moreover, we know how to help your foundation’s values stand out, and we have a full team ready to offer their expertise in multiple areas so that you can reflect a message that’s crafted to the exact image and standard you’re wanting to share.

Finally, one never wants to experience a crisis. But, let’s face it – they’re part of any job, especially in this line of work. So, when something does go wrong, we go above and beyond to ensure your peace of mind. Then, while we handle whatever may have occurred, you can proceed with normal business by continuing to change the lives of animals across the world.

Give us a call today at (865) 977-1973, or find us online. Together, we can define our why: by being change agents who change the world.