As with the natural world, public relations trends change over time. Are your strategies keeping up?

While there are staples you should keep in your marketing efforts, it’s important to have flexibility to keep in motion with the shifting media.

Here are three focuses to consider when creating your animal welfare public relations strategy for 2023:

Social media

With approximately 3.8 billion (and counting) users worldwide, developing your social media should be a top focus for 2023. With so many using social media as a source for news, the circulation on these platforms travels at lightning speed. Visibility through social media can not only make a significant impact on your PR efforts, but it can be easy if you’re keeping up with the trends on each platform.


Do you have an ongoing blog? Are you producing original content for your website and social media? How about contributed articles? Content creation can build your brand in a big way when done well, and it’s a great way to position yourself as a thought leader.


With over 2.4 million podcasts and 383.7 million listeners globally, there’s endless lead potential to tap into. With the right PR team, you can find the best podcasts, be interview ready and share your brand message with the right audience.

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