But cruelty-free PR can connect with consumers who care

More and more U.S. consumers think about where the products they buy came from and how they were made. Decisions about products ranging from deodorant and T-shirts to water heaters and cars are increasingly made with sustainability, animal welfare and worker conditions in mind.

But many of the product labels that shoppers look for — “local,” “green,” “natural,” “sustainable,” “eco-friendly” — are unregulated and open to misrepresentation. The resulting confusion can lead consumers to throw up their hands in frustration.

One phrase in particular can be an obstacle for even well-informed consumers. What, exactly, does it mean when a product is described as cruelty-free? It’s not as simple as it sounds.

Over the last few decades, the number of companies that test their products on animals has steadily decreased. But the overwhelming majority of cosmetics, personal care items and household products include ingredients that have been tested on animals or were developed using data from animal testing.

A handful of organizations, including the widely respected Leaping Bunny Program, use a variety of standards to certify cruelty-free products. Leaping Bunny maintains strict requirements, including supply chain monitoring and audits, but the competing guidelines often add to consumer confusion.

Consumers who care don’t have a black-and-white choice — they’re faced with a complicated personal decision based on their own beliefs and convictions. What’s the best response for conscientious manufacturers and retailers to such a complex situation?

An experienced cruelty-free public relations agency can help you figure that out. PR can’t certify your commitment to animal welfare, but a good agency can:

  • Help you create a brand identity based on transparency and trust.
  • Establish your company’s commitment to alternative, animal-free safety testing.
  • Position your company as an advocate for animal-free safety tests and fair regulation of cruelty-free claims.
  • Train executives and spokespeople to clearly communicate your company’s message to partners, vendors and the media.

A brand is more than a label. A stamp on your package can never have the kind of positive impact that you get when you make an authentic emotional connection with a customer. Show them that you’re making a difference and you make their choice easy.

If you want to build consumer trust and confidence and connect with people who care about animals as much as you do, Orange Orchard can help. We have a unique combination of industry experience and passion, and we think helping good companies succeed is one way to make the world a better place. Contact us online or call (865) 977-1973.