Cruelty-free brands have become a popular option when it comes to consumer products. Regularly, we see celebrities promote cruelty-free products, and we understand how the vast majority of the public does not like products that cause harm to animals. As a business that is passionate about producing cruelty-free products, how do you separate yourself from the pack with so many companies finding ways to promote cruelty-free brands? What can you do to earn the recognition you deserve for your dedication to the cause?

Promoting your cruelty-free certification is a great way to showcase the steps you’ve gone through to ensure your product is truly cruelty free. Being certified as a cruelty-free brand is a great accomplishment and can show customers that you’ve taken the necessary steps to make sure no animals were harmed in the production of your product. Organizations, like Leaping Bunny, that certify brands as cruelty free require independent audits to verify the cruelty-free claims. Leaping Bunny is considered the gold standard in cruelty-free certification for personal care and household product companies.

Cruelty free public relations agencies, like Orange Orchard, can help you promote your certifications and garner attention for your brand. As proponents of a friendlier, kinder world, Orange Orchard prides itself in working with like-minded companies that share our vision.

Utilizing our Rolodex of industry publications, we can get your brand message in the hands of reliable, trusted journalists. Using earned media opportunities, we can incorporate your cruelty-free certifications into the message and show the customers your passion for animals. We can also assist your company by creating social media calendars that promote your cruelty-free certifications to garner the attention of a broader audience.

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